Thursday, June 25, 2009

Favorite Flower….Daylily

Picture 553

Last summer I went daylily crazy…. and bought all I could find on sale.

Picture 551

Most I do not have tags for, but that is fine by me.

Picture 548

I just go by colors anyway….

Picture 550

This one looks like a ditchlily, but it is fancier and reblooms.

Picture 488

One of my favorites…..

Picture 511

This one is “Hall’s Pink”

Picture 345

Pretty in dark pink….

Picture 445

This one I have all over, and it is neat.

Picture 458

This one is “Little Grapette”

I have a few more to bloom, but they are mostly dark orange and yellows.

I love them….don’t you?



  1. The third one down is probably 'Hyperion', a wonderful old cultivar. And one that smells great. It is one of my favorites. You have a lovely collection.

  2. I really like daylilies too. With all the room you have out there you could have several collections.

  3. What a great show! I think I saw some candytuft too.

  4. So gorgeous! I can't wait until mine bloom. Thanks for a lovely post! -Jackie

  5. You know daylilies are my FAVORITE, too! Great close ups, Brooke!


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