Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Come to the country for a tour.......

.....of our neck-of-the-woods! Don't mind the sign, you're welcome here!
******Click these pics for super big sizes!!!!*****

I have been thinking of this post all week. See it started as "a few" pictures of the front porch.

See, I have been looking at all the pretty porch "tours" and thought even though mine is not "done" I would show it as "so far" It is done in Americana...dark red, navy and a country blue. Remember, I live way out in the boonies on a gravel road. Everything on my porch is covered in dust, dog hair and play-dough. Really, my kids use it as a play area, and that is what it is there for! They jump rope the entire 48 feet of it. But before we sit down, let me show you where you are.....

Here is the front and the driveway. The tree with the hostas and mulch is what we did Sunday. There were three junk small trees, we left one and added dirt to make a mound and I just added some hostas that needed divided.

The rock is a good place to sit! I am happy with how it turned out, but will add more later. Okay lets keep going.....

The front border, it is hard to get it all in one collage!

This is new, I went to yard sales Saturday and got this pld milk can for $3.00! It is HEAVY and very big, I love it and it was a steal. It fits right

The back walk up to the deck and the butterfly garden on the hill.
The bench is a great place to watch the girls play on the swingset.

The wildflower garden down by the road. This is new and really filling in. I love having an area the kids can pick flowers and not worry. I have had several neighbors tell me they enjoy seeing this as they pass by.

Our fire pit and rock garden. All of these boulders came "up" when we dug our basement. The biggest one weighs more than a car. It almost tipped over the equipment. They we're placed around some junk shrub trees to "get them out of the way". We cut the tress down and have a wonderful area to have cookouts. I have grasses, evergreens, daylily, purple coneflower and butterfly bushes scattered around. It is all new and small, but so much potential! This is where we are most of the time of an evening. We love to have fires and sit and listen to the frogs.

A few pics of the lake and our dock. We have big plans for more things down here, but for now, I have a great place to sit with my feet in! We live on 48 acres of water and I never tire of the sounds and sights. We have tons of wildlife and I am never far from my binoculars.

Here are some scenes from our road, it is wooded and dotted with wildflowers.
I have only two neighbors on our road. Both have pastures with horses and one with this spring a colt. Isn't he adorable?

That shaded pond is about 100 feet from our driveway. We call it the "hideout" and the girls play there. It is shallow and in the summer will almost dry up, but right now it is beautiful. Our dogs go down there to drink and there are about a million frogs. It is also where all the lightning bugs and dragonflies are. It is completely hidden, you would never know it is there.

Some of the wildflowers in bloom. Southern Indiana has so many open areas that bloom. These daises are everywhere, but don't last long. The other looks like a wild penstemon.

So glad you could come out to the lake, it was a beautiful day for you to visit. But the best time is the sunsets, they are breathtaking over the trees. (smiles)

As you can see.....summer-time is finally here. The girls are out of school and my cousins (heated) pool is open! This week is a busy one. The first of many bible schools this summer, a trip to the circus yesterday, swimming with the cousins, starting a new reading challenge at the library (my girls love to read, like me), two days they are going to stay with gma & gpa. (So nice to not have school in the mornings, everyday is the weekend....)

I thank you so much for visiting "me" and the site, I enjoy reading your comments and try to visit your gardens as well. I truly enjoy and learn so much from the beautiful things I see. Have a great day and....


  1. Soooo beautiful! Wish I could come visit and stay a while. It looks so lovely and peaceful and quiet (minus the kids, of course) out there. Beautiful flowers too!

  2. Your home and yard looks beautiful. Know all about the activity on a front porch. One day I will be able to have a porch that is pretty to look at....

  3. HI Brooke, thanks for the wonderful, your surrounding yard/lake/few neighbors...a little slice of heaven! Good job on the collage..I tried to do some on picasa but got all confused and it messed up my yahoo accounts! What program did you use? I would love to be sitting on that front porch at the end of the day :)

  4. Thanks so much for the lovely tour! Your home is beautiful! LOVE the porch! -Jackie

  5. It is all so pretty Brooke- you have quite the eye for design. I copy like the best of them but I don't dream anything up myself. I am always in awe of those that can!

  6. Hi Brooke
    Nice of you to join me on my blog. This is my first visit and what a lovely place you have. So much space for plants! You will need an army to help you.

    I love your roses only one of which I have the fairy. Also enjoyed your clematis another passion of mine.

  7. you have the style of house we almost got! I was ticked off and sad when it was not safe to live in as there was a mold issue!!! I love it all...everything looks so pretty!

  8. When you said you have rocks you meant ROCKS. Your rocks rock. I am anxious to come see it all in person. I am glad you called.


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