Sunday, June 14, 2009

The best things come free…..

Picture 353

Isn’t this pretty?

Two summers ago I decided the only way to handle this crazy hill was to let it grow wild.  I went to where I lived as a child (the house is no longer there) and dug up the daylillies.  I had three storage boxes full and  still never made a dent on how many grew there.  I planted them all down this spot at the end of our driveway.  They looked pretty pitiful for a long time….

Picture 351

But look at them now!  They are really filled in, and I have other “wild” things growing in with them.  Queen Anne’s Lace is HUGE this year, but I love it.  I think I will help it spread so the whole hill looks like this.  The lilies bloom once, but the QAL will bloom all summer.  I also have wildflower mix just coming up, a few cornflowers are popping up.  Indiana has beautiful wildflowers, I have found so many things on the four-wheelers and dug up and brought home.  And since they can grow in a ditch, they’ll love it here.

Picture 345

After all the storms and rain, comes the most beautiful of days.   So I was walking around taking pictures….of this first daylily.

Picture 347

And zinnia…. When I heard the dog barking….

Picture 336

I had to walk down to the lake…..

Picture 359

To rescue the turtle….Scooby was trying very hard to eat….

Picture 362

He had found two, so I got the bucket!  Their shells look pretty.

Picture 329

And saw over 30 Geese….

Picture 332

And this pretty weed growing down by the water.

Picture 348

As I walked back to the house, I saw the garden from a different view.  How can you miss the bright yellow lilies?

Picture 357

And dark red cosmos from seed.

Picture 363

But the best has to be these poppies.

Picture 361

No two seem to be alike….

Picture 338

Last but not least, my wire bird I found at a yard sale yesterday for a quarter….  Okay that is not free, but it was a deal….cute too!  Just right for the porch.

Picture 335

Where our flag flies high for “Flag Day!”

Have a good Sunday and Monday everyone!!!BlueBrooke



  1. Looks like you solved the problem of that hill and it's all filled in very nicely. The Queen Anne's Lace looks great with the Daylilies. Can't wait to see the wildflowers you planted showing in there too. So Scooby found himself some turtles for playmates huh? Or did you say that was lunch? LOL

  2. Your efforts with the wildflowers are a success! Your garden is growing quite well. Can't wait to see it sometime.

  3. What a vision you had! The driveway looks beautiful.

  4. Beautiful! The flowers are gorgeous and I love your yard sale finds!

  5. I just love your garden pictures. How nice to have all that beautiful space around you. I agree the lilies and QAL look great!

  6. Brooke, I was thinking much the same thing about the 'ditch lilies' as Hemorocallis fulva is called here! It looks wonderful massed and the QAL sure is a good partner. So much loveliness in your garden and a pond/lake, too. Sigh! what a delicious post! gail

  7. Scooby is so handsome Brooke!!
    and you saved the day with the turtles!!!

    Beautiful scenery all around you...just amazing!



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