Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wet Wednesday Greetings!

It is a gentle drizzle here this morning. But I did brave the elements to capture some pretty things.... This is "Welcome Home" Rose, a Jackson and Perkins and a "Super-Star" in my border. Even people who "don't do roses, love this one....

It has coral bells planted under it, and it is so pretty right now. You can see a bud opening thru the pink blooms.

As I walked around the house I knew I was being watched. I have a goose family living by the lake. Every year I call them Jon and Kate (plus 8) only they have 9 babies this year. I enjoy watching them and they keep an eye on me too.

The first of my wildflowers out by the road are blooming. This is a blue cornflower. There is a pink kind ready to open too. It is fun to see what comes up, because it was a mix. You can see them from the house, very bright and pretty.

The butterfly garden is greening up and blooming a bit. The orange flags are starts I have coming up (and so hubby will not round-up them as "weeds"!) They all look the same after a

I cannot get over these violas this year, they are still blooming like crazy.

Dorothy Rose Columbine, love the soft "Dusty Rose" Color. My bedroom was this color in the 80'

Here is a better shot of the blooms. I let the seed last year and have tons of them! But I like the blue-green leaf color. They are good "fillers".

A shot up the front walk. Someone asked what the "grey thing" is? It is a fountain and plant holder. It has 4 loin heads that sprinkle water. It looks a bit rough, some of the grey is peeling off, but I still enjoy it. I will have to try to re-paint it next year, for now, the hostas will cover it soon. Plus my dogs use it as a water bowl! (Have to keep the boys happy!)

Speaking of, Scooby has the idea today. The sound of the rain has lulled him to sleep on the couch. He is quite the show when he sleeps "upside down". He is 165 pounds and snores! He puts me to sleep listening to him of an evening.

One last cheery bloom for you. Can you tell I love birdhouses? I have my hummingbird feeders full, but so far I haven't had any guests....soon!

Have a great day guys.... and thanks for the comments!



  1. Brooke your gardens are just gorgeous! I love your Dorothy Rose Columbine. How tall does that one get? Just beautiful. My violas bloomed right throught winter with 3 feet of snow on them. I couldn't believe it! In the summer I say naughty things about them but in the winter and spring when they stand out they are very much appreciated - Did I say that?

  2. Beautiful! Blue Cornflowers reminded me of my childhood. Thanks!


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