Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring Flush Of Roses.......

....is always the best. This is "Tamora" by David Austin.

Here is the entire bush. I am going to try and not just have close-ups. I like to see other shots on blogs so I can see the sizes and shapes of plants..... Don't you?

This is an "Iceburg". I have several of these. Nearly thornless, and oh my....such a bloomer!

"Painted Moon" I have posted this bush before from away, it is such a neat color, coral-orange-yellow tones. The foliage is the prettiest of all my roses. I can't get a good shot of this rose, but in person it is so interesting.

"Welcome Home" Rose, I could take a picture of this one every day. It just always has a near prefect bloom on it.

Here it is in the bed. Wow, I wish they all looked like this. But they don't. I have 3 that have not leafed out yet. I think they may need replaced. We had a hard winter and strong winds... I have about 6 different kinds with buds nearly open. Three are new, so I am excited to see them.

Here you can see my hill I call the "butterfly garden". I have "Nearly Wild" roses (the pink) and a knock out in bloom. But it is all just about a week or two from blooming. I just can't wait for the butterflies to come back. I have seen 3 so far this year, and I have a stray hummingbird or two, but just wait a few weeks and they will be everywhere (I hope!)

I am finally back to work! I can drive again! My eye is still a bit blurry, but the meds are working. I was happy to be back to school today. I work every day the rest of the week now....lol! Break's over!

I have more pics I will post in a bit.

Have a great night, Brooke

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  1. You have such pretty roses! Isn't 'Iceberg' about the easiest rose ever? I wish I could find one that easy in pink and yellow. Any suggestions?


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