Friday, May 15, 2009

Pic's From The Garden Club Sale!

This is not from the garden club But I did find it "on sale!" It is Coquette des Blanches a vintage rose, and it was in a bag for $4.00! I thought is was the same as another rose I had, but it is larger bloomed, and from the pics on the net (like to one above) it's lovely! I'm happy and I don't feel bad trying it for $4.00! (Honestly, I have some lovely roses that we're bag roses in my border, and very few could tell any difference!)

Okay, lets get to the sale!

It was not raining this morning! I am so relieved, and they had a really good turn out. I was there at 8 am of course! This is my favorite area the perennials and herbs!

These are all iris and daylillys....

There was several hostas, lilyturf, ferns and even bamboo (No, I did not get any, but my Mom did!).....ect out under the trees.

More in the garage, lots of ground covers here and natives.

This is the house they have it at. She is friends with my aunt and just a walking book on plants. I love this border up her driveway.

The other direction and all the peony in bloom. I have gotten some of mine from her. I love the dark pink one. Her columbines are so pretty too. She has something blooming here all summer long, and you see it from the highway. I just about wreck every time I go by, lol....

This is one I bought today, it was simply labeled "Magenta Iris" and it was $1.00!

Here is all my loot, laid out after mom brought me back home. No, still not driving! But as you can see, I made a haul! The big bucket was just labeled "pink rose" and I asked about it and was told, "it is over 50 years old and was a cutting poked in the ground, so it is an own root. All they knew is it is pink and it was dug up from an old house that was being redone" It is healthy and big, and only $3.00, so I am excited to see what it does!

Other than that, I got these things....
-Dead Nettle (Purple Lanium) 50 cents
-Purple Laitris (Blazing Star) 25 cents
-Hearty Verbena $1.00
-big clump of Sage in bloom $1.50
-Purple Japanese Iris $2.00
-Pink and Yellow Coreopsis $1.00 each
-Big clump of Chives in bloom $1.00
-tobacco plant $1.00
-several purple coneflower starts 25 cents each
-two bearded iris $1.00 each

So all together I gave them $20 and wow, I am so happy with my goodies. Even with the prices low, they make a good profit for the group. I think they have done this over 10 years in a row, and have about 20 gardeners donating plants.

Girls, I cannot thank you enough for your time and energy. I look so forward to the sale, and enjoy the plants so much.

Okay, I am typed out! Have a great weekend!