Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Other things....not just Roses!

Isn't this pretty? See it pays to take 500 shots with a digital camera! Every hundred or so is a keeper! This is "Sensation Rose" Salvia, one of my very favorites. See, I really do have other things than just Roses, lol.... I love all plants, probably too much.

Some "Johnny Jump Up" volunteers in a planter that I just left alone and they came back. I love reseeders! (Especially where they are SUPPOSE to be!)

Anyone know what kind of Iris this is? It came from the garden club last year, and this is the first bloom. I am so tickled! I love it, and have a bunch of them. It is only about a foot tall! Cute!! Especially when I think I paid 50 cents for the start. I have 6 starts now, but this is the only bloom.

This is that white guara I bought last week. It looks so pretty in the sun. I love this shot.

Looking the other way, yep.... that's me in the shadow. It was BEAUTIFUL today. Low 70's and sunshine!

Sweet William. This is the first year for me to have this. Last year hubby said there is something blooming down by the water. So I took the shovel and dug up this poor plant out of the weeds with just a tiny pink bloom. I planted it in a corner and it never bloomed again, but was a pretty green. I had never had Sweet William, and it looks a bit different without the flowers. So when I saw it bloom, I finally knew what I had! Lol.... I am miles from anything out here, but someone else has this somewhere near here!

"Anthony Waterer" Spirea, love this shrub. Perfect color of pink.

Here is a shot of my new wildflower patch. Several cornflowers and a few little poppy's are blooming. It is really filling out. More is coming up every day.

And finally, this is the view from the loft this morning. Steam coming off the lake, I just love this. So beautiful.

Okay, I really am done this time. It's 20 minutes past my bedtime!


  1. I agree, about every 100th picture turns out for me too. It sure does look pretty. Very neat about the Sweet William, I think it likes your garden!
    I love the last picture too!

  2. Everything looks so nice - and, how lucky you are to have a lake! Can I build a house next to you?!! Not sure if I've grown sweet william or not...I think I did try it once but didn't have it in the right area to get the sun it needed. It's very 'sweet' indeed!

  3. Hi Brooke, Nice pictures! It takes me a lot of shots before I get a good picture too. LOL Thank you for stopping by my blog. -Jackie

  4. That is the great thing about digital, it costs absolutely nothing to to take hundreds of pictures. Which is exactly what I did today with the peonies!

    Love the lake with steamy fog!


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