Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Blog Look and Pretty Blooms Today!

Isn't this peony beautiful? I have three of these and they are loaded with blooms. This is the first one to open up. and it is soooooo bright. They are by the driveway, so you cannot miss them.

Here is the "Welcome Home" again. Today the bloom is more open and full.

Here is a wide shot of the backyard and lake today. That is half of our water view. There is also more water just across the the road. It makes a big U. So pretty, I never get tired of this scene.

But this was the view this morning. school was a two-hour delay. It is a pain if you have to travel, but pretty this morning.

Another view.

Hard to believe the sun was so pretty by this afternoon. I love Spring.

I changed the graphics on the homepage. Hope everything looks centered and readable to you! Let me know if it is not working.


  1. I like the new blog look! The header picture is delightful!

    My peony is full of buds, but none are ready to open. It was very foggy here last night and this morning.

  2. Brooke, just stumbled onto your blog. GORGEOUS! I am SO lusting after one of those Intrigue roses. That color is so hard to find. I live in TX on a small town lot, recently moved from seven acres, so I'm trying to find roses that are a bit more shrubby now.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful country place with us!

    bobbi c.

  3. Your blog looks beautiful as does your view. I too like the fog and its peacefulness.


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