Friday, May 22, 2009

Love pink? Take a peek!

Pink is the color of the day, and this beauty is a "Paul Neyron" an antique rose I love.

This is it's 2nd year and it is really filling out quickly and loaded with blooms. It is in the mid-range in smell, but huge blooms and being nearly thornless makes up for that.

This bed has been re-worked and all of the things in the front are coming up from seed. But the pink roses are really jumping out, there are roses on each side that are not open yet. They are climbers and I want them to go up the railings. (I lost the tag, but they are pink too)

This is a "Fairy" rose, it is a miniature, and I have several. They start out pink and turn almost white. Very cute, I think I planted 14 last year, they go up the west facing side of my house. When they get bigger, I will take a good pic.

"Rose Queen" Dainthus, love this plant. So cottage looking!

And of course, Evening Primrose. I know this is a borderline weed! But it is so pretty. I just pull it out if it gets too far. One day it will be in my living room!

This is just a few of the things blooming. I have had a busy week, not enough time to garden!
Have a great weekend....

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