Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lilies to Lambs Ear, Lots-a-Blooms Here!

My pink lilies are blooming! I just love these, and have been waiting for them all month. I have them in 3 places, but some broke off this year with wind or kids, who knows? But they multiply....yeah! (I have no idea the name, they came in a mixed bag.) I have white, yellow, orange and pink. And each color all bloom at the same time, like they wait their turn. Isn't that neat?

"The Fairy" Rose, I love how it spills over the rocks up my front walk. I have sweet alyssum from seed blooming with it. Very fairy-like indeed! It is a miniature, only about an inch sized blooms, but many!

Lambs ear looks great this year. I love to touch this plant. It is a great one for when kids visit. Love the grey color too, it looks a bit weird because it is wet. It rained over an inch this afternoon.

Beautiful blue Delphinium, love the white centers. I have several babies this year too, but they are not blooming yet. It is way in the back, hard to get a picture.

"Peach Blossom" Astilbe, it gets better each year. Next to a hydrangea and hostas it is a pretty splash of color.

Walkers Low Catmint.... I LOVE this plant. I bought 3 more this year for my hill. Smells great, great color, and long bloom time. It will almost cover this rock by fall.

"Northern Lights" Snapdragons from seed are really pretty right now. They are tiny, I thought they would be bigger, but very pretty. That is lupine next to it, they are starting to bloom too.

My favorite weed is blooming... Queen Anne's Lace. I have it 3 places and love the fern like foilage and white dancing blooms. They are by the road and driveway where it can go wild.

Here is a basket on the porch in bloom. It is "Huskers Red" Penstemon, Coleus and Red Sedum.
It is over 3 feet tall, and so pretty right now. It is bigger than it looks in the picture.

Here is a close up of the sign. It's true!!

Sorry I have not been posting much. I had another dr's appt yesterday and was gone all day. Things are better, but not 100%, but getting there. Last week of school, holiday, ect.... but I have been reading the blogs and everyone's pictures are so pretty. Have a great evening....