Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It feels like summer, and looks it too!

Oh it feels like summer today..... (Heirloom Rosa)

The roses are blooming....(Rugosa)

Little flowers are popping up everywhere....(Hearty Geranium)

Bright and cheerful..... (Dianthus)

Shining in the sun.... (Dahlia)

Perfect beauty..... (Bachelor Button)

God's grace..... (Hearty Geranium)

How can you not love time in the garden? (Shasta Daisy and Peach Verbena)

Have a lovely day....


  1. Brooke, your roses are so pretty. I just love the purple Intrigue Rose on the sidebar.You have so many beautiful ones.

  2. How lucky to have all of those blooms already! It sure does look like summer!


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