Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Been Plant Shopping Again!

Good Morning!

This is a bright pretty rose to wake you up a bit. It is a "Nearly Wild" and they are very good, tough landscape-style roses. Yes, it is wet here again this am and cold! 49 degrees and windy. But it is to get warm this afternoon....mid-70's.

More peony in bloom. There are 3 in that bed with an "Red Heart" Althea Standard, "Fairy" and "Intrigue" roses (not in bloom) and misc groundcovers. There is also some Easter Lillies I put out that are dying back, but they will be pretty next summer. I have 18 new ones "rescued" after the holidays scattered around. My older ones are looking ready to bloom in a week or two, this looks like a good year for them. Lots of rain!

An arrangement I made yesterday with some things from the garden. They are "Welcome Home" Rose, blue cornflower, coral bells, and two kinds of weigela. They are in a simple blue crock bowl. It still looks good today.... I need to do these more often.

Yesterday was a fun day, I went with my cousin and her daughter to a big nursery and found some very pretty things..... It was a bit pricey, but they have wonderful, unusual things. I am getting to the point that when I go to the normal places, I already have most of what they have out! Lol.... I might have a problem. But not here!

Goldflame honeysuckle, scary I know. I have heard all the stories and nightmares about honeysuckle, but it is so pretty and I have a huge area that needs filled and it can grow 15 feet high and 10 feet wide there, so I am excited. I have seen this in another garden and fell in love with it. *Note.... they told me at the nursery if you see a hint of powdery mildew on it to spray a mixture of 50% milk and 50% water on the vine. They think this will work on any PM problems. It's worth a try. This area will get good ventilation.

Midnight blue Agapanthus! I have wanted this one and could not find it. This continues my love of blue flowers. Plus I sprayed the roots and divided the big clump I bought into 8 starts! So it may take a year or two, but I hope to have a good "show" of these!

Gaura Snow Fountains and Bigleaf Hydrangea by EightBallDefense.

Snow Fountain Guara, this one is a newer one. It has a slight pink tint to it, and lovely dancing white flowers. I love guaras, if you do not have one, try them. They are tougher than they look and can take some drought better then most.


Karley Rose Fountain Grass. I have been looking for this one too.
I love the soft purple/pink color. I have it near the butterfly garden, it will have great movement there. Fun!

I also have 4 new (to me) Clematises. I have a purple one from last year, but that was it. Now I have 5! I kinda went crazy, but this is a good time to put them out.

Here is what I found.....

White_Clematis by fdr2164.
Henryii (yellow accents)

Trellis by Poppins' Garden.

Miss Bateman (purple accents)


Nelly Moser (pink accents)


And Venosa Voilet.

These are all from Lowe's, $6.00 a piece.

I am going to try to catch up email now. I will be gone tomorrow, I have a dr's appt in Indianapolis. I have had a bad eye infection, and nobody seems to know why. I see a specialist in the morning. It is a pain to go 3 hours for a dr appt, but I hope to get some help.


  1. Beautiful blooms!! Love Clematis and Guara. I bought one pot of Agapanthus, divided it and got 7 plants, two of them are blooming.

  2. Mornin' Brooke, I love all of your flower choices. I have 1 delicate Guara. Wonderful you got more Clematis. I would like about 10 more they are so beautiful. I think our color schemes are similar, I just got some fountain grass too with the same mauve color but different in style.
    Sorry to hear you have an eye infection, I've battled them before and know how horribly painful they can be. Hope they take care of it for ya.

  3. The Clematises are so pretty. I love all the colors you brought home.

  4. What gorgeous flowers! Love these photos.

    Sorry to hear about your eye infection. That must be miserable. I hope you have better luck with the specialist in Indy!

  5. I'm sorry about your eye; hope they can figure out what is wrong and correct it quickly. Definitely not something to mess around with.

    Your fresh from the garden bouquet is sweet! I love to create flower bouquets from my garden, especially roses and peonies.

  6. Such beautiful blooms today. Just spectacular!

  7. Good morning Miss Brooke sure hope your eye is better real soon what beautiful choices you have made it's always so much fun to find something you have been looking for as well as those beautiful new surprises.
    hugs, Cherry

  8. You found some great plants! I have the same first 3 of your clematis. I'm anxious to see mine in bloom, yours look so nice.
    I hope they can find something to make your eye feel better!

  9. Your flowers are absolutely beautiful! And your flower arrangement is so lovely. Thanks for sharing.

    I hope the doctor will be able to give you something for the eye infection. Take care.


  10. What a wonderful mix of clematis. I want to find one that blooms in fall. I love all your additions. You must have a large area you can fill. I looked in a couple nurseries today but didn't buy. Great Bloomin' Tuesday post! Jean

  11. Very productive shopping adventure! Sorry to hear about your eye. I got a very scary eye infection 2 years ago and still can't see well out of that eye when i am tired. The muscles around it are weak and lazy when I strain it too much. I hope yours goes much better. Eyes are kind of important!

  12. Wowee! Loving all your pictures (and there ARE honeysuckles that are not invasive (I can see one in my near future:))

  13. Your bouquet is beautiful. Love the new plants you purchased. They will be wonderful additions to your garden. ~~Rhonda

  14. I love the grass...what zone are you in?

  15. That fountain grass is gorgeous, so fluffy and soft, I can almost feel its touch... Other blooms are beautiful, too!

  16. Your photos are wonderful! I've never seen Goldflame honeysuckle, but love to be able to grow it here in Arizona. The arrangement you put together from flowers from your garden is really nice. Love all the colors you've chosen to have together.

  17. I hope the dr. figures out your eye problem Brooke. Love these photos. I have that same rose growing too.

  18. Great plant choices! I'm a fan of clematis too, my favorite of the ones you pictured is the 'Venosa Violet.' Love that deep rich purple color. It's always fun to find a new nursery to explore but dangerous too!! I hope your agapanthus do well like you hope. I have one in a container that I have to bring indoors to overwinter but it's worth all the trouble!
    Good luck getting your eye taken care of. Hopefully it will be an easy fix.

  19. Hi Brooke, what colors! Good deals on the clemmies too. Agapanthus is something we have not tried here, not sure about hardiness but love that blue color. Yours is wonderful. We agree about the Gaura too, such an easy plant. Your garden is lovely.


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