Friday, May 8, 2009

Garden Visits....Are Best...When Unexpected!

This is another wet morning here in Indiana. I put on my old crocks for my morning walk to check things out. The first thing I see is this iris. It is pink and purple and the only one (I think) I have like this. Very pretty with the B. Buttons. It's a shame they are about over, I enjoy them so.

Here is another unexpected beauty. A wild trillium, bright purple from a friends garden. This is the first blooms, but has other buds popping up. Neat how they "wait in line" to bloom.

This is a great surprise. The first red strawberry. It is so cute... wonder which of my girls will find it first and get it. I will leave if for them to find, with a hint from me to check

Another red beauty, this is a simple double-red knock out, but she is very photogenic today.

I love these white hearty geraniums. They bob around up in the air 2-3 inches high off the foilage in the breeze. Very cheery, I love movement in the garden.

I almost forget my visitor, this fat little bumble bee you could hear from quite a bit away.

He was greedy to get all the sweetness out of the pink honeysuckle bush.

I can't believe I got this many shots of him, but he was to busy to notice me.

Everyone have a good weekend, I will be reading some blogs today. I enjoy seeing all the blooms in every one's blogs.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I love photographing flowers after a rain shower! Your garden is quite a bit ahead of mine.

  2. I think all gardener's do the same whatever the weather. Go out in the morning and look at what is going on; see if something new has popped up, and it usually has. Your first delicious strawberry- yum. The pretty hardy geranium. I wish we could grow those here. Trilliums- we had them in the woods when we lived in Canada but they were white. Ah! spring.

  3. Lovely pictures as usual. Your garden is also ahead of mine. I am looking forward to seeing my iris bloom this year.

  4. These are beautiful pictures. I enjoyed viewing them much. Your blog is lovely. I enjoyed my visit.

  5. Very pretty pictures! I bet your girls will be excited to have the first fresh strawberry of the season!

  6. So pretty in your garden today and how nice of the rain to wash everything clean for you. Those bees throw caution to the wind when Spring comes and they belly up to the flowers. Funny isn't it?

  7. These are wonderful photos! You just reminded me I need to go check my strawberries after the warm weather we have been enjoying I am sure they are blooming.
    What creative things do you do with your canning jars?
    Happy Weekend to you dear garden friend. It is a pleasure to follow you on Blogger.


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