Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Favorite Flowers..... Wiegela Blooms!

I just had to do a separate post for this lovely shrub!

This is "Wine and Roses", and it is covered with blooms right now. It has lovely burgundy with olive green leaves and it a great accent shrub even not in bloom.

I have 3 in my front border by the porch, these are on each side of my front steps.

Here is a pink one..... also called Bush Honeysuckle. This one smells wonderful!

Another shot, I have 2 of these in the butterfly garden area. They have a bight green leaf and it stays compact and bright all year, but again the best bloom time is spring.

Close up... they make good cut flowers too.

I also have the red kind, it is new this year and only about 16 inches tall, but blooming and pretty. I have this in the back of the border with the yellow roses, on the walkway to our deck.

They can get pretty big, but I keep mine on the smaller size and it is easy to do so. They foliage is pretty when not in bloom too.



  1. I just love Weigelas. And they just bloom their little hearts out. I think one of mine is the Wine & Roses. I also have one with a gray green leaf and a mauve bloom. I love your Bush Honeysuckle - is that a double? I guess the 2nd pic shows better it's single. Very pretty. Have you seen the tiny one? I'd like to get it next time I see it - a dwarf.

  2. What a beautiful shrub. The flowers and buds are everywhere. Becca

  3. I love 'Wine and Roses' that's one I'm always trying to find a spot for. My 'Minuet' is close to blooming.

  4. I do love Wine and Roses and it's hardier than My Monet. It looks especially good against the pickets of the porch.

  5. Weigelas are so pretty in bloom. Mine are just now starting to open.

  6. Outstanding pictures of those flowers... I just love them!!


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