Saturday, May 9, 2009

Before and After....One Year Later.

Happy Saturday! I just had to have this big peony bloom be the first pic today. I am so in love with them, and they smell wonderful!

But here is what I wanted to show you today.... Here is a bed in June of last year....
(I can't wait for the lilly yet!)

And here it is today! Can you believe it? Look how much the roses have grown!

Here is another view of the Welcome Home Rose....

Look how big the fully open bloom is compared to my hand.

Here is my Painted Moon Rose, it is very orange right now, but gets coral and yellow in the petals later in the summer. Have you ever seen such pretty foliage on a rose. So dark and glossy, with burgundy hints all year.

Here is a close up, its blooms are not nearly as big, but they are so unusual.

Another shot of the bed.

Close up of the Sweet William in bloom. Very pretty red one. I have more seed of these popping up and about 4 inches tall, so they will bloom next year I'm guessing.

Anyway, I just thought it was neat to see how much things change in a year. This is the walkway to our back deck, behind the garage. Is is south facing and full sun.


  1. Oh, gorgeous, and so fantastic to see the changes! Things just about quadrupled in size! Is that a heuracha in bloom? It was quite tiny last year! It really took off, too! All of your roses, the sweet william, are beautiful! I haven't tried growing sweet looks like it'd be a nice addition. I do love those big rocks in the middle of your garden! I have to PAY for mine:-) I love your blog, it's very pretty!

  2. WOW.... those are some breath taking blooms! Thank you for sharing. Happy Mothers Day!

  3. Your roses are simply beautiful! That yellow rose! I live in Texas, so that would be quite popular!

  4. I love looking at the before and after pictures. Sometimes it's easy to forget just how small things were. The rose is beautiful, I love yellow roses.

  5. You have wonderful plants and blooms in your garden! The size of that rose flower is incredible! Everything looks healthy and fresh!

  6. Brooke, Happy Mothers Day to you! I love that Painted Moon rose, is it fragrant? Also, love that two tone iris in the last post and great shot of the bumblebee! Have a great one!

  7. I LOVE your big peony bloom....The more I see peony's the more I love them....that are just so darn pretty....that is one flower I am putting in my garden this summer....I can not believe that I don't have any.....your garden is BEAUTIFUL....
    Mo ;-)

  8. Hi Brook, your peony is gorgeous. Mine are still really tight buds so they probably won't open for a week or two. They are a favorite of mine. Your roses are lovely. The yellow is huge. All my roses were pruned to the ground after the harsh winter. Some time in June we should see blooms.

    The iris in the previous post is so pretty. Love the color combination.

  9. Your roses are unbelivable! Are they fragrant? And your pictures are so good! Reading this and seeing the pictures put some sun in this gloomy, cloudy Monday! :)

  10. Hi Brooke, wow, I didn't even notice the rose in the first photo, the lilies grabbed my eyes. I love yellow roses, and the orangey ones too, well all of them actually, but your big yellow is one gorgeous rose. How exciting!

  11. Brooke, Everything looks wonderful...I am always amazed at the changes a season or two can make! I love the echos of red in the leaves, the sweet william and the coral bells! I was wishing the lilies were blooming, too...We can smell their deliciousness from the porch! I love the big's beautiful! gail


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