Monday, April 27, 2009

More Blooms For You Today!

This is so pretty together. It is regular old bachellor buttons (Mountain Bluet) and purple iris, but the colors are almost exactly the same. I do not know the name of the iris. But it is beautiful and I have about 30 of these scattered up the front walk. This is the first to bloom, but all are ready! I love spring!

Here is a voila that is in the same bed. I love blues and purples, but later on there will be pinks with them too. It is neat to have different color schemes in each season in the same beds. I am trying to do that more now.

My first blooms on a new plant for me, Old fashioned bleeding heart. I bought it last spring and it is so pretty. It is next to a peony, they will be pretty together. It is the brightest pink, wow.

My white azaleas are starting to bloom. :)

I can't believe I got this shot, they are so tiny, but cute.

All my strawberry plants are blooming. Yum! They are in a bad place, but are happy there, so I hate to move them. They are right by the steps to the deck. But it is fun to be watering plants and pick a big red strawberry right out of the flower bed!

This one is sort of cheating, it is just planted last week and had been in a greenhouse. But hey, a rose bloom is a rose bloom to me! These blooms are a bad example of this very nice rose, it is an Iceburg. I will get better pics later this summer. But for now, it is pretty to me! Lol...

Thanks for the nice comments and have a great week!


  1. I'm wondering what happened to spring! The weather has been lovely, but the early blooms are fading fast because it is so warm!

    Your spring beauties are delightful! I love pinks and purples too!

  2. Hi Brooke, I can't believe your irises are blooming..I don't even see buds on mine yet! Yes, I agree, a rose anytime is wonderful..pretty Iceburg. Have a great day!


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