Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Little by little....things are looking bright!

Isn't this pretty. It is one of the annuals I picked up last week.

But here is one I grew from seed! Yeah! It is the first of the sweet alyssum to bloom. It is under some rose bushes and will be a pretty filler. All of my little seedling starts are getting bigger. This is the first year I have messed with it and I have enjoyed seeing things pop up.

Speaking of popping up, look at the size of this iris. I do not know the name, but it is HUGE!

It is so pretty and a bit "flatter" on top than my other iris. I got them for free, and wow, are they putting on a show. Maybe a Siberian? I don't know, but it looks very different from the others.

This is just a few of them, but you see they are everywhere and still more to bloom. I love it that you can finally see something from the road when you drive by.

Another of the annuals, a double petunia. I love this color.

Some Evening Stock, I think I bought 24 of these in pinks, wine and this purple. Another annual, but hoping it might reseed?

I love this flower. Sensation-Rose Salvia, it is a long bloomer in my garden.

You can see my hostas are coming back nicely. I have tons of them. I bought some from one of the nursery catalogs labeled "Handful of Hostas" and they had the prettiest blooms last year. They we're pure white, larger then any bloom I have ever seen on a hosta and had a light sweet smell. I will take pics when they bloom.

Some of my variegated vinca in the butterfly garden is blooming. I didn't even know variegated bloomed. It is very light blue and you have to look close to see them. But it is cute and now I know to look for it.

As you can see, I won't be getting the hoses out this week. It has poured the last 2 days and it keeps on coming. I know the plants appreciate it, but not much is getting done outside. Maybe I will finally get the laundry caught up?