Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Brings...New Projects!

Okay, you will need to use you imagination for this post.... because my projects are in the "beginning" stage.... but I wanted to tell you about them, and let you see the "before" shots...lol.

This is my new wildflower garden out by the road. We have a bank that washes out and I decided to do a bed there. We already had the boulders there, so last fall I added the mulch and rock borders. I found 4 bags of wildflower seed marked down and dumped them all into the new bed!

Here is a close up pic of some of the things coming up. I am Guessing poppy and larkspur? Any hints would be appreciated. It is so much fun to go out there and
"check" to see what's happening. The goal is for me to have a picking garden to share with the butterflies....far enough so if anything is invasive, it is not up by the house.

Whatever it is, there is quite a bit of it popping up. So I don't really know what I have, but I have a ton of it! Here is another shot.... and no, I don't think it is a weed...!!!

It looks pretty good and spread out, which I had worried it might all wash down the hill!
So I am hoping it will fill in nice this year.

Teddy, my "lovable mutt" from the shelter got in this one!

And last but not least.... here is a shot of the new raised beds my hubby built me last fall. They look so pretty....ready and waiting to be planted. This will be my new kitchen garden. It is small, and I hope easy to take care of, plus the water is 3 feet away! Love that!

As you can see I have not done anything with our walk out basement, I hope to change all that this summer! I'll keep you posted!
Happy Gardening~ Brooke


  1. You are going to be busy! It will look wonderful...and you have great plans! I would like some raised beds near my house, as well, and have had that issue on my mind too;-) As for your garden on the hill, I think it will be very pretty. The one thing I'm thinking about when I see it is: the issue of Rain Gardens. I wonder if you might want to look into that a bit more? Many people have discussed them in their blogs...(Cameron, 'Defining Your Home Garden', Robin ('Robin's Nesting Place') and others. I think the idea is to dig DEEP so water will be drawn down into it and not wash away. And I'm not sure how the garden should be designed. Anyway, you might at least find out about that and then see if it would be appropriate in that spot! It looks great, though...and you have such a clear, empty palate to work with!!

  2. The flower bed is going to look very nice. A nice bright cheerful spot for the passing cars too. Do you have plans for your kitchen garden? It looks great too!

  3. Cheesehead has plans to build me a raised bed for my veggie garden this spring too. I have lots of ambitious plans. Truthfully I'd probably be happy to just get at least 1/2 of it done, but I'm sure hoping for more than that.


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