Monday, March 30, 2009

Coming up....roses and other things!

Good afternoon. I have been busy today. Taught Art and Music at the school. Glad to be home! It was a bit tough going back after 2 weeks But I sat down to check my email and decided to finish this post before supper.
As most of you know, I love roses. It is "my thing". And when I talk to other gardeners in my area, they are just scared to death to do anything more than a knock-out shrub. And do not get me wrong, I have several landscape roses and love them too. But they just cannot compare to an English Rose or an Hybrid Tea.... no contest!

But I hear over and over, "where do you put them?"
You don't need a fence or an arbor, although they are lovely.
Mine are right in the border mixing in with all my other things. I do not ever want a "Rose Garden". They are lovely in their place, but so much of the time, they are just green. (Or brown in our winters)

Roses love a little company. And they look beautiful mixed in with full, deep borders. You get so much interest that way. And when your roses are not in bloom, you still have something there. Don't forget some evergreens like boxwoods too, I am still adding them to my borders. I just bought 2 last Saturday. It helps keep the soil moist and hides a bit of the bottoms, making them look bigger and fuller too.

But it does not just need to be small plants, they look great with large, full neighbors too. Isn't this lovely? It is an Iceburg with a hydrangea. Wow.

I always end with my favorite. This border is to die for, all the pics today are from gardening site on the web and bh&g. I could spend hours just looking at this border alone. Makes me want to get my hands dirty!

As for my garden, it is still very new, but the roses are growing, and most are in their 3rd year now. I will post pics just as soon as I have blooms.... Oh....three months or so!

But here is my favorite from last year, my David Austin Tamara Rose....

And here it is today....

With it's new friends (4 white pesterman, several evergreen pachysandra -that has white blooms right now, and 2 Euonymus ). In front of that is a row of peach daylilys, sweet alyssum seedlings, a row of hostas mixed with lilyturf. So even though it is my "main attraction", it is not alone by any means.

This is my one surviving tiny baby (start) I have this spring. Isn't it cute! I had three, but this is the only one leafed out.... they are from the rose above. "Keeping fingers crossed"

Here is some columbine coming up between my rocks that make up my front steps....

I had one little start last year, and it is coming up everywhere. Which will be pretty where it is.... Aren't they cute?

And I found a Bachelor Button Bud! Maybe we will make it to warm weather after all.

Here is a bit more blooms.... I call this Bridal Spirea... But I don't think that is right. Anyone know what link of shrub that is? It was a freebie from a friend. It is pretty in bloom, just once in the spring.

Happy Gardening!