Monday, March 2, 2009

The one man who loves me.... for sure!

For sure... the one guy who loves me is my dog.

Yep, I've been married soon to be 10 years, but this week I have been on my own. But old Scooby has been my shadow. He seems to know "Mom" doesn't feel good. And all the naps have been bonus for him, he is a snuggle pup. He has no idea he is the size of a

We got Scooby Doo last October from a guy my husband works with that had to move and could not keep him. Believe me, it was a decision to adopt this dog. I love animals and it seems we always have a new "fur baby" around here, but this one was different.

He was 2 years old and we really did not know much about him. We knew he was a registered Great Dane, his ears were done and his name was Scooby Doo, that is about it. But one look and we had to try and keep him. But wow, he was unlike any dog we had ever had.....

He is 165 pounds and the top of his head comes to my elbow (and I am 5'9). He can look OVER my counters flat footed. He is all muscle, but very gentle. He would have to be or we could not keep him. My kids are 6 and 9 and if he had any sign of being aggressive, he would have to go. But never a worry, he is a big teddy bear. And actually, I am probably the one most shocked about it.

I have always had smaller dogs. We love Jack Russell's and have had several. But hubby loves big dogs, and has always wanted a Great Dane. And this was our chance because this one was free (because they wanted him to go to a loving home). And loving it is, ESPECIALLY from me. I have fallen in love with this big lug of a dog. He is the sweetest most tenderhearted animal. He is slow and careful and seems to know he has to take it easy with the girls and around the house. He listens better than any dog we have ever had and is so good in the house. I though we would be eating dog hair, but actually his hair is really short and it is not any worse than my littler dogs.

Anyway, all week he has been sneaking into my big bed and staying with me. Cough-snore-sniff-moan.... Scoob doesn't care. Plus he's the best butt warmer a girl could ask for.

Yes, I still love my hubby.... but a good dog's worth his weight in gold.

And at 165 pound I'd say I'm setting Maybe I should get off of here. My cold meds are kicking Excuse the rambles....and Goodnight all....



  1. Sorry you're not feeling well. At least you still have a sense of humor!

  2. He sounds like a great dog. I think some of the biggest dogs are the gentlest. My sister has a huge Bullmastiff and he is so sweet with the little kids. I'm glad he's helping to take care of you!


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