Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Garden Tour---Leu Gardens, Orlando, FL

I wanted to share some pics from a garden the girls and I visited while in Orlando.

The link is for their website. I was happy to see all the azaleas and Camella's in bloom. In Indiana our azaleas bloom in Mid-May (about Mothers Day).

This is the main building and you can see the lake.

I fell in love with this old tree covered in Spanish Moss.

It was just so nice to see things in BLOOM!

This makes me look forward to all the snapdragon seeds I have coming up!

Isn't this pretty, I will look for that color this year!

Blanket flower, I took a close up to remember the name. They had a bunch of this and it was striking.

The rose garden, it was a bit early yet for them, but is was lovely.

I love little statues, I need to stop "looking" and buy a few.

Cleome or spider flower. I have this and love it.

A big old Camella tree, the next shot is a close up of its blooms.

So beautiful.

A pink

A path with blooming azaleas.

Another of the main welcome center. It was near downtown Orlando, $7.00 for adults, $2.00 for kids and took about 2 hours to walk thru. If you are in the area, I would definitely try to visit to see all the zone 9 things they have there.

Happy gardening.....Brooke

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  1. I love the moss in the trees and those camellias! thanks for taking us along!


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