Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Favorite Flowers....Hollyhocks

I saw about a billion kinds of flowers in Florida, but I gotta tell ya, the ones I "ooo'd and awe'd" we're the hollyhocks at Epcot. I love old fashioned flowers, and the longer I work on my beds the more daring I get with heights. I think the large spikes are so pretty. My house sets up fairly high and this year I am hoping to be able to look out and see flowers higher than my windows. And one of the main ones I want more of is hollyhocks.

Last year I bought a bag of bare-root hh's and only three of the six came up and they never bloomed. But this year they popped up and have several leafs already. I have no idea what kind or color they even are, I have long since lost the info.

But in about 6 weeks or so we will have our spring flowers sale at the county garden club and I am hoping there will be some hh's brought in. I look so forward to it every year....it is like a yard sale, but plants! Heaven!!

Hollyhock - new flower style

There are several new varieties of them out now, this is one I had never seen, but if you know the name... let me know.

This is Zebrina, the one hollyhock I have a ton of, and love it. It does not require any staking and reseeds HEAVILY, but I don't mind. It is a pretty striped purple and good foilage. Plus it moves easily and is a good pass along plant.

Anyway, I thought you might like to think about adding a few hollyhocks to your garden this year too.

You can usually find them fairly cheap and I have seen seed online. I will go another round this week to my garden center, then I may order it. It will be next year till it would bloom, but I can wait...lol. This last picture is my favorite... I'd take it all...just as it is... I have just the spot!!!! Lol...

Happy gardening! ~Brooke


  1. Hi Brooke- Hollyhocks are one of my faves too. They are so great at the back of the border and they put on a show that not too many others can top. We have early spring wind here but it dies down in the early summer. I may try these again. I am told they reseed well on their own. Good luck!

  2. Beautiful hollyhocks! You were missed!


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