Thursday, March 12, 2009

Checking Out,,,,For A Bit....

Just wanted to let everyone know, I will be gone (and not online) from now till Sat, March 21st. So if you made a comment and it did not show up, or I have not answered an email...never fear.... I will read them all when I return. Have a great week and I will take lots of pics of the GREEN things in Florida!


  1. Have a great holiday in Florida. I'll just wait for those green photos.

  2. Hurry back as I like what I've seen so far. Nice to meet you and be introduced to such a beautiful blog. Love the advertisements below.

  3. Have a great time. So glad we've met! Will 'see' you when you get back;-)

  4. Ooh, the best time to be in Florida...lucky you! Bring back some sun, please!

  5. Have a great time, don't worry about us freezing and shivering here......
    Actually it is raining, so it warmed up substantially.


  6. I am a country gardener too! Wonderful site you have and I can't wait to see what Friday holds with your Garden Art entries. Happy Planting!


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