Sunday, March 8, 2009

Addicted to....White flowers!

As spring draws near, my obsession grows.... I cannot get enough white blooms in my garden.

After purchasing tons of seed, one theme keeps popping up.... White.

You see I already have a good base of the colors. My favorites are pinks, purples and peach roses.... and I don't really want to mess with those beds too much. So I am adding "filler" plants and they are mostly white. I have to tell you, I am so excited about the possibility of these lush romantic additions to my already pretty-good Here is what I have so far.

White yarrow for my wildflower/country areas.... I already had pink and purple....but the white is new this year.

White Candytuft.... spring bloom and an evergreen to boot!

Sweet Alyssum.....of course!

White Morning Glory Vines.... I planted these under my new birdhouses to climb up the poles.... *fingers crossed*

From last fall I planted....

Two new variegated Hydrangeas! The "eyes" are already popping up, so I think they will make it! (pic from web, not mine)

White peonies.... from our local garden club sale.... $2.00 a piece!

I love the idea of all white beds.... "A Moon Garden" that glows at night. But for now I am busting at the Maybe later.... But I did put up 4 new white country birdhouses on posts... so they add to my white theme too.

Here is one thing I am looking for this year....

"Immortality" Bearded Iris. A friend has it and it reblooms in the fall for her. So of course I am now on the lookout for it. I have seen it in catalogs, but am hoping my garden center gets it in this year. I am also looking for a white butterfly bush as well.

Of course I already had a few white flowers like roses, daisys, azaleas, mock oranges, hydrangeas and lavenders....but these are just some of the "new" things for my garden....

It is warmer here this weekend, been busy cleaning up beds and starting new projects. Post those soon....Happy Gardening!


  1. Welcome to Blotanical! You have beautiful gardens!

  2. Hi, nice to meet you! I love all the white blooms you have to come. Another great filler is feverfew (an herb that reseeds like crazy!) and I was going to suggest white butterfly bush for something tall, but saw you have it on your to get list :). I love white mums in the fall, too! Looking forward to reading your archives as I see you have beautiful roses!

  3. Another white re-blooming iris that works well for me is 'Frequent Flyer'.

  4. I love that white peony. I have red, light pink and dark pink peonies, but I need a white one! And I have Immortality. I ordered 5 rhizomes from Jackson and Perkins last spring. They weren't planted in full sun and got transplanted a couple of times, so I haven't seen any blooms yet. Hopefully this spring! I don't know if they'll rebloom here in Spokane since our growing season is on the shorter side. VW


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