Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seeds...coming out my ears....but want MORE!

I must admit I might have a problem. I have never really messed much with starting things from seed. As most women make New Years Resolutions to loose weight or whatever.... I vowed to try my hand at collecting and growing from seed. I started looking last fall and only found some wildflower seeds. I had hubby make me a new bed out by our road and piled on tons of wildflower seed. I have the intention of it being a cutting garden. I must admit, I really don't want to pick anything if it blooms in the borders. But maybe this garden will be on the wild side and my girls can pick some without Mom saying "where'd you get that!?" lol...

Anyway, it started with me watching "A Garden Story" and seeing all these lovely poppies and larkspur growing in a fencerow. We'll that was it, I had to have poppy seed. Then I recieved about 15 catalogs this winter and they had all these old fashioned varities that I remembered, but did not have starts of. So I made mental lists and decided I would wait and see what our local farmstore had. So I made a big haul there a couple weeks ago, but thought a few of them we're kinda expensive (I am a cheap gardner...) So I got online to search for seed.

Actually I had some luck on ebay. There are 3-4 venders that offered BIG packages of seed for less than a dollar with about 6 times the seed in them. The lady I ordered from said they we're in plastic bags labeled only with the name of the seed, so for that matter, they may all be johnson grass... but I got a deal! So if you are still looking, type "seeds...annual seeds.... perennial seeds" and a ton of stuff will come up. Make sure they can combine shipping. I think I ordered 25 packages (all from the same vendor) and the shipping was $2.35. Most bids went under a dollar. Anyway, that's my two cents on deals.

Here are some of the things I will try to grow this summer from seed I bought...

Sweet William.... a reseeding biennial... that will take about 3 years to make a big stand, spring bloomer, can take some shade.

Prunella Grandiflora or Pagoda
Perennial, sun or light shage, white, pink or purple blooms. Mine is a mix.

Bush Morning Glory (Blue Enchantment)
Annual, Full Sun, ReSeeder.

Morning Glory Vine (Early Call)
Full sun, blue-pink-white, Annual

Hyacinth Bean
ReSeeding Annual Vine, Full Sun

Shirley Double Mix Poppies
ReSeeding Annual, Full Sun, Shades of Pink to Red

Canterbury Bells
Biennial, Sun, Blue-White-Pink, Summer bloomer

Blue Sage, Perennial, full sun.

Biennial, Light Shade, Lovely little blue these!

Johnny Jump Ups, had these in my yard before we moved, but never here.

Springtime Mix Pansy, will sew in my garage as soon as I get the seed in pots.

Perennial, evergreen groundcover, white blooms in early summer.

Pink Baby's Breath
Annual, Sun

Blue Flax
Perennial, Sky blue flowers, sun

Lupine- "Sunrise"
Perennial, Sun

Bachelor's Buttons "Black Ball"
Perennial, Sun, Deep Wine Blooms (I already have the blue ones in my garden)

Zinniz "Exquisite"
Annual, Full sun

Larkspur "Giant Imperial Mix"
Reseeding annual, full sun, all colors.

White Cleome
I have the pink one already, reseeding annual, full sun.

Globe Amaranth
Reseeding Annual, White to deep pink blooms, sun.

Giant Peony Mix
Reseeding annual, Sun.

Birdseye Primrose
Reseedning annual, shade, blue flowers in spring.

White Alyssum
Annual, can reseed if happy, sun.

Nothern Light Snapdragon
Annual, will probablu start inside in pots.

Maltese Cross

Painted Daisy

"Foxy" Foxglove
I have this already, but got a huge bag of seed, so I will start new areas, will take about 3 years to have a good show. Shade lover.

Catchfly flower, wildflower annual, reseeds, sun.

White Yarrow
I love yarrows, I have pink ones scatterd in several places, but the ones I bought this year are white.

Pink Clarkia
Sun annual, can reseed if happy.

Virginia Stock
Annual, can reseed if happy, sun.

Okay, like I said, I went crazy. Some of these are old favorites, but most you cannot find on the shelves around here, and they are so pretty. I am just hoping a FEW take off, but you can't beat the price. I purchased packets of the annuals 10 for a $1.00. I bought 19 on ebay for under 77 cents each, with big bunches of seed, like 15000 seeds for the poppy mixes.

In my area the places to go are....
Rural King (the best)
Lowes, Home Depo
Wal-Mart (but later in March)
Dollar General has cosmos, alyssum, forget me nots for a quarter a piece.
and of course, I like ebay.

So for $30 dollars or so, I have all this, which most of you know, would me hundreds at the nursery stores. I would love to hear tips on planting. I am going to direct sew to the beds in early April (zone 7a). I know so many start inside, but we have things coming up, I am working now... and I just have not had much luck with trays. I think I will just throw it out there (with some loving care) and squeal with "Glee!!" if anything pops up. I have a feeling I will have a bunch of "green" this year.... but loads of color eventually. Green is good... especially when I see mud right now!

Happy gardening!!

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