Saturday, February 7, 2009

Putting it all together...

In all it was under 10 weeks for our new home to go from "ordered" to "here!" Seeing it come up the road in four pieces is quite amazing! They called us to say they we're close and when it came up the highway thru our little town I guess it was quite a show. That first night we climbed up on truckbeds to look in our new windows and figure out what room was where. We just were so excited and ready to see it together.

The next morning, very early, the large crane came with a crew to begin. Our walk out basement was ready and braces we're to be placed every 10 feet or so. I worried for the men that stood down there as they swung 100,000 pound pieces of my new home over there heads to place it on the foundation. It fit like a glove and our family and friends made a "camp" down the hill out of the way to watch it all. We took the kids out of school that day and had a shade tent, yard chairs and a festival of food for the "show". Each part took about 2 hours or so to place, and we we're able to walk through it by about 4 pm that same day.

Oh what a frightening thing it is to see them place the upstairs sections! We had wind gusts that day and the men we're helping hold on to parts with ropes, and the breeze was dragging them around. We live on a big hill and it is almost always windy here. But they all said they do this everyday. But it was a once in a lifetime for us to see!

(Continued in next post...)

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