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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Making a big box into our home.....

So here it is, finally in one piece! But wow, look how tall it looks! We need a porch and garage to soften up this big white box of a house. Here you see pictures of probably the busiest two weeks of our life, the finishing touches. The garage and porch were site built by a local amish crew. The house is a "Rochester Home" made in Nothern Indiana. I think the dates are.... ordered the house late Feb... the first scoop to dig the basement mid-March.... to moving in July 4th, 2006. That is amazing... Especially when it is a 3000 sq foot home (plus another 1500 sq ft unfinished in our basement). But this is just the outside, lets come in and take a peek in the next post.....

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