Sunday, February 8, 2009

How it looks now....but never done!

The house as it looked when we first moved in....

The house as it is now....

Here is a look at most of the rooms on the main level as they look now. They are the living room, family room, kitchen, dining and two story entry. Upstairs is an open loft and three bedrooms. Our basement is a walk-out but not finished. That is another project to come ;). I love fall colors and they are dominate in my house. In the kitchen the main wall color is Mayflower Red (Sherwin Williams HC-49). It is a pumpkin-ish color and I love it with my Cider stained oak cabinets. In the living room and part of the kitchen I used Loiusburg Green (Sherwin Williams HC-111). It is a sage green with quite a bit of color, but not overpowering. The dining room is my boldest color, but it gets quite a bit of sunlight, so I went for it. It is a deep red called Hodley Red (Sherwin Williams HC-65). The entry and living room are a neutral with a bit of green in it, but beige like. It is Richmond Grey (Sherwin Williams HC-96). The HC in these colors stands for Historical Collection. They are all very pretty and go well together. I have a big color wheel and drove myself crazy choosing. I have wallpaper in the kitchen and love it. It is a plaid and it matches my runners, topper and towels. I had the runner before the wallpaper, I just found it one day, and as luck would have it, it was the same plaid. I also have paper in my utility room, and I think that is the one of the best things I did. It did not take but 2 rolls and it made it so much nicer to do laundry. Now if the kids leave the door open it still looks nice... cluttered, but nice. Lol...
The entry is two story, and the top half still needs painted, but the ceiling is over 20 feet high. Will need help with that one, but the rest I have done myself...little by little in the last 2 years. The wallpaper there is the same color as the dining room and the area rug. It was on clearance at Lowe's and it looks like it was all planned, but it too was a fluke. I love a good deal and it really brings it all together. Plus this is the first thing you see from the front door.

Anyway, this is pretty much it. The main page of the blog has pictures of the garden and outside from last summer. I can't wait till spring and work outside again. Until then.... I am still painting the master bedroom if you want to help!

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  1. Hi Brooke.
    I stumbled across your blog in internet search for country garden images. I'm so glad that I did. I always like to start from the beginning of a don't want to miss out on anything lol. So here I am looking at your post. But there are not any pictures. the link says closed its doors on March 6, 2012 and is no longer available. I'd like to see the inside of your home. Sounds lovely. My daughter just now building her home and thinking of color scheme. Liked how you described your paint colors. If could please if you get this comment.
    Thank you,


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