Sunday, February 15, 2009

Green Around The Edges....

Okay, I know the hot thing to do is going green. But I have to admit it is harder than you think. This gal is set in her ways... But when I opened the mail and saw the last electric bill, GASP!, maybe it needs some consideration. So here are a few of the things I hope to do...

#1 - I unplugged my "pretty" lights. You know, the little accent lights that I love, but serve no purpose. This is big for me, because I have them in just about every room. I even took the welcome lights down from the windows (I had them in all the downstairs windows). So the ones still out, are not only off, but unplugged.

#2 - Actually most things I don't use often are unplugged now. I unplugged the toaster oven, toaster, scanner, ect. It is a pain to plug them in again, but every litle bit helps I guess. I miss the clock on my toaster oven... lol.

#3 - I stopped using the dishwasher so much. I have to admit that is a biggie. I hate to wash dishes, but I have two little helpers and so far it is "fun". I'm sure that won't last long... Soon I will bribe the with ice cream. So don't be surprised to see dirty dishes in the sink. Yuck! I know, get over it.

#4 - Wash clothes in cold, I did this already, but it was crazy how much energy this saves.

#5 - Run the fans this summer. I have to admit I hate fans, the ceiling fans are fine, but the noisy room fans you plug in drive me crazy. We have good cross ventilation in this house, so this is a good idea, but I hate having to crank the tv up to hear it. But I think I'll have to give in on this one. The heat is down to 68 too, but that is normal for us. Hubby is always hot and I have on two blankets to watch tv till

#6 - Save on gas, make each trip to town count. No more ice cream runs. But we really did this when we moved out to the country. But I am shopping closer to home now and not running the 35 miles to our "big" city. Plus, I think I save money by just shopping at our littlish stores and not going where the temptation is to look here, there and yonder...

#7 - Of course I am the ultimate recycler of junk... aka anything old. I have all the antique furniture my grandma and mom passed off. I love them. I wonder if anyone will have the decorating budget to go and spend like we might have. We're all going to have to re-cover, paint and rethink our houses. Which is the fun part for me... I have at least 3 projects going right now alone. Yard sales are the best, and I bet there will be a TON of them this spring.

Anyway, this I guess is my promise to the Earth to try to do better. I know how much joy I get from all her lovely things, at least this gardner can give back just a bit here and there.... Till then, I am setting the computer to the "sleep" function for the night! Happy gardening!!


  1. Just found your blog and how fun that you will have all that space to garden! I also have 2 little girls that love to help with gardening.
    I really enjoy seeing garden plans come to life. Love your dogs too :)

  2. That's a great list. Another thing I've done, that isn't necessarily saving me money, but I feel good about it, is recycle more. I have a curb side service that just switched to a huge bin with a pick up every other week and they take cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, cans... it is amazing how little trash I have now with that handy recycling bin close by!


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