Saturday, February 7, 2009

A first peek inside....

So this is what the house looked like that very first day it was set. They needed to finish my trim, carpet, joints, ect.... but it was pretty much done! The drywall was complete and my cabinets, bathrooms, ect we're ready to go. We had a local craftsman do our stair railings, and it looks so different now. Of course, I have painted almost every wall, so it is not white

I wanted to share these posts to let you see and hear about this kind of house. When we we're looking at sites it only showed picture of finished homes. I think it is very interesting to see the process. People from the area would almost drive off the road looking at the house. It was quite odd to see just the basement beginnings and then 2 weeks later this big house on the hill.

(I will post a few pics of the house as it is now in the next post....)

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