Friday, February 27, 2009

Arbors-- Oh so lovely!

There is just not a more welcome site in a garden than an arbor. They capture you to look into some new world, a magical space just beyond. Okay, maybe that is a bit much.... but they are so wonderful in so many ways..... AND I DON"T HAVE ONE!

Rose Arbor

I have just the place, the perfect place actually. It is just outside my garage, just as the sidewalk begins. I have The Fairy Roses in a mature bed to be it's feet and loads of perennials on the other side. All I need is a few climbers and it would be spectacular!

But.... I just want it to be perfect, and I keep putting it off. Why? Well I just can't seem to find the perfect one, or at least the perfect one on

With so many things going on with our family I hate to spend a ton of money this year on garden accents. And I refuse to put one of the cheaper ones up and the weight of my vines tear it up in a few years.

I am actually thinking of having hubby build one. I need a small fence for my new kitchen garden and am thinking if I can get that project going I would like to have an arbor and gate with that bed and a matching one in the front yard.

But, I'm guessing any big projects might be on hold for a bit. Who knows what is happening with the economy, so it is a hard sell to do this "fu-fu" stuff this year. So until then I'll just dream.... and share some lovely ideas with you today.

First off, please visit these site for AWESOME arbor pictures and info on growing roses and other vines....

(Wow is all I have to say, I would love to visit this garden)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did.

I watched the weather last night before bed and they said we could get up to an inch of snow today. But after this weekend it is suppose to warm up and keep in the mid 50's. I am thinking of getting my new beds ready and sprinkling some seed in a week or so. Is it still too early? Not the annuals, but perennial seed like foxglove, yarrow, columbine, and primrose.

I am so ready! Thanks for all the nice comments on my site. I have really enjoyed doing this blog, it is quite addictive!

Happy Gardening!



  1. The arbors are welcoming. I like the one with the bench. It looks like a wonderful place to get away from it all.

  2. I love arbors too. I'm hoping we may be able to incorporate one if we put our picket fence up this year. I like the one with the dark pink roses on it!


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