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Friday, January 30, 2009


It's now 2 years later and the brush is cleared and it is starting to look like a backyard. The site is 35 minutes from the house we had lived in the past 7 years, and with two small children it will be a tough next few months, but oh... how exciting.

We knew we wanted a traditional farmhouse style. Two story with a big front porch. "The Walton House".... White with navy shutters. Walk-out basement and plenty of room. Three car garage and a long curving driveway.... sigh. In time it all came, but what a journey to get there.

After months of looking at plans, we actually decided to go with a modular home. If you would drive by, I don't think you would "know" it is a modular. It is 3000 sq feet and a full 2 story home, which is rare for modulars, but the trim, cabinets, open floorplan are all custom designed for us. I have to show people the pictures for them to believe it came in 4 pieces. It was amish built in Northern Indiana, and if I had to build another home, I think I would do the same again.

The main reason for this house was time. We could be "in" the house in four months verses almost a year to build traditionally. The cost was also a bit better, but not that much different, but the time was definately a factor. Our house sits a mile from the highway down a gravel road with no other houses or even lights from neighbors in site. It was all open and exposed to whomever wanted to snoop, and that was a huge worry. This is a small farming community, but things happen even here. But luckily we had eyes and ears on our side, and the few people that did come around we generally nice and just curious.

So late March of 2006 we broke ground and the first scoop of dirt was fantastic!

(See next post for more....)

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